Please introduce yourself – What does your start-up do and what is special about your business idea?

We founded Coffee-Bike GmbH in 2010, the company then developed in to an international franchise, and today it operates in more than 15 countries. It was therefore only natural that we proceed to a chocolate start-up: After coffee comes chocolate.

Our concept is highlighted by the three words: Enjoy.Share.Live.

Enjoy: The 100% Belgium chocolate is created off of our own recipes. We believe in a mixture of traditional and innovative flavors. Our own chocolate rip texture came from the idea that we believe people  everywhere have different appetites for chocolate. In this sense, we created different sized pieces to satisfy every appetite (big and small).

Share: After flying to Tanzania and speaking to the people and the cocoa farmers there, we chose aid projects for MYC (MyChoco) that have a positive impact. We want to make MYC aid projects genuine and relatable to the end consumer who then enjoys our chocolate bar on their couch in the comfort of their home. Our goal is to leave our consumer impressed, to have them  follow our projects through our blog and social media. We are dedicated to our motto “understating but overdelivering” with that in mind we designed the inside of our myChoco wrapper to display powerful pictures from Tanzania.

Live: Beyond offering just a chocolate bar we believe in using, MyChoco as a platform for communication.  MyChoco’s purpose is to create communication rather than to inform. Our slogans attract attention and put a smile on consumer faces. Our bucket list is exactly what consumers love. They make you interact with the brand and give a real experience.

How did you come up with the concept?

In 2014 we came across the chocolate market for the first time – and from the very beginning we had a passion for it! Especially, as many start-ups are looking to the beverage sector to innovate; we believe that there is room for the chocolate industry to have more start-ups.

What were the biggest challenges you had to overcome on your start-up journey?

Due to the reason that we already went through the process of starting a company, the biggest challenge was not the founding part itself. What was new for us, was rather the collaboration with trading partners and understanding how the retail market works.

And where is it going – where do you see the start-up in 5 years?

Our goal is to make MyChoco a well-known brand, available in several POS (points of sale) across Germany.

As soon as we are established in the German market, we aim to expand to foreign countries. In the future we also aim to diversify our product range…be surprised!

What are your expectations from the NX-FOOD program?

The start of a long-term partnership with real,- and all its partners (METRO Group).


Jan Sander & Tobias Zimmer – Founder of MyChoco