Please introduce yourself – What does your start-up do and what is special about your business idea? How did you come up with the concept?

Our founder ordered a seaweed salad in a restaurant and thought he had made a mistake: his plate was filled with spinach tagliatelle. The tagliatelle had been a special kind of seaweed. The idea was then obvious to him: what a great way to replace carbs with veggies. He then thought: what if there are other seaweed species that could be used as replacement for foods we already know and love? Seamore is presenting the world with seaweed as a tasty, healthy and sustainable alternative to their favourite foods.

We are developing a full range of seaweed products in major food categories, that are sold in specialized retail stores, via innovative mainstream retailers and food service outlets in various countries.

To sum up; our founder mistook seaweed for pasta, loved it and decided to fool the rest of the world with pasta originating from the sea.

Later, we discovered a type of seaweed that turns into bacon when fried, and I sea bacon was born. Following this path we wanted to continue improving more popular foods made with seaweed: I sea wraps! Half of which are made of glorious sea veggies, this fresh tortilla is packed with goodness. The subtle flavor works well with any filling. Ready to roll and eat yourself happy!

‘Seaweeds are one of nature’s true wonder foods! They are one of the most nutritionally dense plants on the planet and also the most abundant source of minerals in the plant kingdom as they absorb all the nutrients in the ocean’

What were the biggest challenges you had to overcome on your start-up journey?

Seaweed is the food of the future. Tasty, healthy and sustainable. The challenge was to get it on people’s plates. We bring sustainable seaweed alternatives to the foods we love, a product we believe in, this is the message we want to send to our consumers.


What are your expectations from the NX-FOOD program? And where is it going – where do you see the start-up in 5 years?

As a new product offer on the start-up shelf we hope that NX Food gives us a platform to allow people to discover our foods. Hopefully giving them the same experience as many of Seamore’s fans. We want to get more experience in German commercial supermarkets and we’re really grateful for this opportunity.

Through the program, we hope to build a stronger awareness around seaweed, that it is not only healthy and sustainable but can also be delicious.

As a company, it will be beneficial to get feedback and incorporate it in our product development.

In the coming years, we believe that we can grow to make a global impact with our mission of making seaweed an everyday food. We want to bring servings of seaweed to people before 2030. By doing this we bring delicious food to the table, create a significant impact on people’s health and unlock the most sustainable food source on the planet.


Seamore’s Founder Willem Sodderland