Please introduce yourself: What does your start-up do?

Our company believes in treating all people fairly. Our vision has taken us all over the world to source the best ingredients for our high-quality spirits.

We are convinced that all the people involved in every stage of the production process should be treated equally. The Fair Trade organisation has rigorous standards for farming practices, which ensure that our quinoa and other ingredients are of exceptional quality.

FAIR. is the world’s first and unique Fair Trade certified spirits brand. We respect about 200 rules to make sure that we pay fair wages to the farmers. It allows them to cover their production costs, live from farming, educate their children and build schools. As a result, we are happy, the farmers are happy, and we are sure you will be happy with our spirits.

Fair Trade is a global movement to alleviate poverty in economically, socially and environmentally sustainable ways.



How did you come up with an idea and concept? What inspired and motivated you to create this product?

We stand behind our philosophy to bring human beings and nature closer together. Through our brand, we want to spread the word about Fair Trade and raise awareness of the environmental sustainability. These ideas motivated us initially and still inspire us to do more for the society and promote the culture of drinking with a clear conscience.

What is unique about your business idea and operating model?

First, we spend a great deal of time sourcing the finest Fair Trade ingredients for our spirits: organic quinoa comes from the 3000 m high Altiplano plateau, organic sugar cane is grown in the Belizean sun, organic arabica is cultivated in Mexico, and juniper berries ripen in Uzbekistan.

Then we carefully ship everything to the famous region of Cognac in France, where our Master brewer and distiller Philip Laclie with generations of French ‘savoir-faire’ is using his secret techniques to produce our incredible line of spirits.



What were the most significant difficulties you had to overcome while building your start-up?

Despite the severe competition, we stand out for our attention and love for detail. Our ultimate challenge was satisfying our own requirements, but with hard work and focus, we were able to create one of the most sophisticated spirits brands.

Where do you see yourself and your company in 5 years?

We want to spread the word and change the world by living our role model. We treat each of our workers fair and pay attention to quality. As we produce Fair Trade spirits with superfoods — vodka made of quinoa or liquors with pomegranate, kumquat or goji — we want to inspire others to change their working methods and create a peaceful and fair environment for every single member of the production process.

We also see ourselves all over the market as a reputable spirit brand which customers will buy for its unique taste, quality and attractive packaging.

What are your expectations from the NX-FOOD Start-up Shelf programme?

The NX-FOOD Start-up Shelf programme will help our brand FAIR. grow faster and will allow us to achieve our 5-year goals. Start-up Shelf will introduce our attention to quality, sustainability, our Fair Trade work method as well our history to a wide range of customers. After years of hard work on perfect quality and taste, we are thrilled to become a part of this programme and use all the resources and knowledge to grow and scale our company.

What are your main milestones and achievements?

Awards (Vodka Quinoa)

– 2014 Double Gold Medal, Asian Spirits Masters
– 2013 Platinum Medal, Beverage Tasting Institute
– 2012 Double Gold Medal, 50 Best Imports
– 2011 Silver Medal, SF World Spirits Competition
– 2009 Gold Medal, Beverage Testing Institute
– 2009 Best of Category, NYSA

Awards (Rum – Extra Old)

– 2015 Silver Medal, Beverage Tasting Institute
– 2014 Silver Medal, Rhum Fest Paris

Award (Café Liqueur)

– 2011 Gold Medal, New York International Spirits Competition — Best Tasting Liqueur

Fair Drinks Germany Team

David Meyer — CEO
Simone Jaedike — Executive Assistant
David Trümner — Head of Sales
Diana Fast — Online Marketing & PR
Sebastian Schuster — IT – Manager
Jens Schallon — Customer Service Manager
Florian Tenfelde — Key Account Manager
Daniel Denk — Logistics

Fair Drinks Germany Team

Fair Drinks Germany Team