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You can apply for the various sales channel partners that participate in our NX-Food program. Please select the sales channel you want to apply for below. You can select one, multiple or all of the below channels and you will be considered for the respective selection process.

All applications are then reviewed by a panel of judges. Each sales channel has it’s own jury.

You can find more detailed information about the program in our FAQs.

Sales Channels:

Special requirements for Eurowings

Special requirements for real

Special requirements for METRO Germany

Special requirements for METRO Austria

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If you need clarification and assistance during the application process, we have hints and informations to specific questions that can easily be turned on and off. Just click on "show all hints" below or click "hints" in the topbar.

For further information about the programme and the selection process you can visit our FAQ section

Startup Details

This is the first group of questions. Let us know who you are and how we can reach you.

What is your first name?

What is your last name?

What is your start-up called?

Please provide an email address, so we can contact you for questions.

Please provide a phone number.

Do you have a website? Please provide your web address.

Do you want to share any other links? Like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter …

Is there any press coverage about your startup?

Where is from?

What city is your homebase?

What year was your startup founded in?

How many people are in your team?


On to the second group of questions. Tell us about your product. What do you provide?

What is the name of your Product?

What stage is your product in?

  • Idea stage (IP or Idea, but no prototype)
  • Development stage (prototype in development, not sold on market)
  • Early market stage (product is on market, early adopters)
  • Stable market stage (product is sold to main market)

What category do you see your product in?


  • Alternative Protein
  • Dairy Alternative
  • Snacks
  • Beverage
  • Alcohol
  • Super Food
  • Paleo
  • New Classic
  • etc.

What’s in it? Tell us about the ingredients of your product.

Briefly describe your product (how is it new, unique, innovative or different?)

What is the recommended selling price, including taxes?

What is the applicable tax rate in %?

What is the (EXW) net buying price for your product?

Ex works (EXW) is an international trade term by which a seller makes a product available at a designated location, and the buyer of the product must cover the transport costs

If you have a minimum order quantity, how high is it?

What is the minimum shelf life for your product?

Tell us about the size of your product. How many liters? How many grams? …

Does your product needs to be cooled (Is it a frozen/chilled product)?

Does your start-up own a production site?

Do you have an existing quality management certification against a GFSI recognized standard for your product?

Your product must be marketable. This means that you have implemented a quality management, or even better have an IFS certification. It is sufficient if the production facility (contract producer/bottler) has such certification.
More info in our FAQ.

If your product is not certified against one of the standards mentioned above, are you willing to be audited against minimum standards form a external service provider, to show that your HACCP System is efficient and transparent?

Do you have any other certificates for your product?

Does your product carry an EAN Code?

Is a bottle deposit added to the buying price of your product?

We are curious to try out new stuff! Can you send us some product samples?

Our postal address is:

c/o Clément Tischer
Metro-Strasse 1
40235 Duesseldorf


In the following third group of questions we want to get to know the market you are trying to conquer.

In which countries do you sell your product?

Through which channels do you sell your product?

What is your target audience?

Who are your competitors?

Does your product have any current or prior listings?


This group of questions covers the finanacial situation of your startup.

Are you open for investments in your startup?

Do you have investors on board?

If you have investors on board, can you tell us who they are?

How much money did your startup raise until now?

Please provide a number in Euros.

How high is your startup currently valued?

Value ranges are given in Euros.

What are your current revenues?

Please provide a number in Euros.

Is your startup profitable?


How did you find out about NX-Food?

File Upload

To have a clearer picture about about your startup, please provide us the following files/documents:

Please provide us the following files/documents via an external upload link (i.e. via Wetransfer or Dropbox link):

  • Product & Team images
  • Product info / pitch deck
  • Product price list (if available)
  • Certificates (i.e. IFS if available)
  • Company Logo


Do you have any remarks or is there anything else you want us to know?

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