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An interview with the co-founder of Kweecker, a Dutch mini-greenhouse for restaurants controlled with an app

Kweecker is a high-tech mini-greenhouse for international gastronomy developed in the Netherlands. In August 2018 Kweecker was installed in the Friedel Richter restaurant in Berlin as part of the METROpolitan Pilot in cooperation with NX-FOOD. We talked to one of the co-founders Bart van Meurs about the concept of vertical farming for the restaurants, distribution challenges and expansion plans.

Guest article

Future Food Heroes: How can millennials change our food system?

How can you innovate in the food industry without having revolutionary ideas or relevant education? In her comprehensive article for the NX-FOOD blog, food innovator and entrepreneur Júlia Dalmadi lists numerous valuable resources, accelerators and educational institutions along with innovative food companies around the world which can inspire you to disrupt the process of food consumption and distribution as we know it.