Our innovation strategy: shaping the future of food, now.

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We keep an eye on relevant concepts...

Processed vs. precision fermented Food
Accelerator vs. Incubator
Venture Capital vs. Corporate Venture Capital
Startup vs. R&D
Alternative Protein vs. Conscious Protein
Personalized nutrition vs. Customized nutrition
Local vs. Glocal

NX-Food is the hub for the future of food. We use our experience, our expertise, and our ecosystem of new companies, innovators and networks to identify developments in the food industry. In order to translate them into practical strategies, we have implemented three interlinked business models that serve our holistic approach:

Boutique Consultancy

„Do you have a challenge and are not sure how to tackle it?“
We deliver results catered to your individual challenges, resources and your starting point. Covering the entire service spectrum from an idea to implementation and R&D to Sales & Marketing. Via our own resources and a vast network of specialistss.

Partnership Model

„Do you want to be part of a thriving global Food network?“
We provide access to an exclusive global Food community network. Exclusive events. NX-Food Knowledge & Market Insights on emerging trends & changing consumer behaviors. Permanent participation in our Dealflow for Investment-Request.

Startup Value Creation

„Would you like to validate and scale your food innovation?“
We offer full support from proof-of-concept to proof-of-market to scaleup. To drive your marketing efficiency – (Re)assessing brand and communication strategy. Matchmaking: Strategic corporate startup collaboration.

Global Innovation landscape mapping

We screen the global landscape for product, brand and cultural developments that will impact the market of your choice.
We identify clusters and patterns, map them out and outline future market opportunities before they reach the mainstream.

Brand innovation strategy development

Based on cultural and innovation shifts, we develop with you a long-term goal for your brand.
We assess your current situation and your key assets to define the direction for your brand in order to remain relevant for future consumers.

Portfolio strategy

From product development to validation, we offer a strategic vision for your portfolio and an implementation roadmap including lighthouse products. We also prototype the product innovations that you wish to test but cannot develop yourself.

Validation & Go-to-market services

From idea to proof-of-concept, we validate your food innovation and develop a tailormade go-to-market strategy.
We believe the only way for innovation to enter a mass market is to meet the demand of the consumers.

Join our journey and let´s turn innovation into reality!

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