Cold brew coffee, cashew cheese and fermented foods: Our visit to Biofach 2019

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A total of 3.273 exhibitors from 98 different countries were eager to present their novelties and new services at the 2019 Biofach in Nuremberg.

Some of them inspired with products matching the current trends concerning “zero waste”, environmental relief and sustainability. Many companies demonstrated sustainable solutions such as packaging made of recycled material or plastic alternatives as well as palm oil free, gluten free and vegan food. The one thing they all had in common: an organic seal.T

Ten exhibition halls were very well-filled, the atmosphere was excellent and the huge variety of products invited to linger and taste. At the booths, people gathered around the tasting snacks and the innovators couldn’t wait to tell their product story to them. We were right there in the midst of the crowd and rummaged as truffle pigs through the latest food innovations. Having spotted cheese made of cashews, we made our first stop and our taste buds thanked us for that.

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Behind this new kind of cheese is the brand Happy Cashew, which offers whole cheese variations with different kind of herbs, without animal additives and from its own manufactory. We personally were convinced not only by the taste but also by the product’s message – stating that a vegan lifestyle does not have to live by renunciation. Apart from the spread and matured cheese alternatives, Happy Cashew also produces vegan yoghurt.

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Another future trend that we encountered several times during snooping around the halls, is the trend of fermented foods. As it is already highly valued in many foreign cultures for its huge health benefits, the trend is continuing with us now. One fermented product we came across was called Fermentino – a plant-based cheese alternative, made from the fermentation of nuts and oilseeds, with only water and salt added. Fermented products are known for being very rich in probiotics and its good bacteria, that boost the immune system. Regarding all these factors, the subject of fermented foods is becoming greater for the future of our food.

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The trend of cold brew coffee is about to take over, which can also be felt at the fair. For many the trend is questionable, but the benefits speak for itself: Cold brew coffee is different in taste – some would say it’s even better because it’s less bitter due to its less acidic level compared to hot coffee, which makes it also better for our teeth and more digestible for our stomach. Plus, the product is drinkable even after a few days in the fridge: As it never was heated, the taste always stays the same.

Kaffeetschi is a brand from Vienna, Austria, and is characterized by the fact that they serve vegan cold-brewed mixtures with rice-almond as well as rice-coconut-milk along with an original cold-brewed option in glass bottles. To our surprise, the product was convincing in terms of taste without added sugar.

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We’ve been overwhelmed by the product offering at Biofach this year – in 2020, two more halls full of organic food await us, according to the organizers. We are looking forward to it!

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