buah: A handful of crispy fruit joy

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Pimp up your meals with freeze dried fruits or crunch them on the go.

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buah Team
Daniel Krauter: Founder
Jessica Krauter: Founder
Thomas Preyer: Head of Sales
Marie Schimke: Key Account Manager (B2B - promotional products trade)
Valeska Gelfert: Head of Marketing
Sven Vögele: Key Account Manager (B2B - promotional products trade)
Valeria Weinberger: Office Management
Henri Hoefnagels: student Trainee Sales
Kasimir Koch: student trainee Online Sales
Lea Hausendorf: student trainee Social Media Marketing

What are the advantages of freeze-dried fruits? We asked the founders of buah and found out: they are always ready-to-eat, have a long shelf life and are still full of vitamins and minerals.

buah was founded in 2015 by siblings Jessica and Daniel who were overwhelmed by the freshness and taste of the fruits they had tasted during their travels through the tropical regions of the world. They wanted to capture this taste – for themselves, for their friends at home and everyone in general.

Freeze-dried fruit blends by buah taste pretty much like fresh and retain all the vitamins and minerals. No additional sugar, colorings or preservatives are added.

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Of course, there are always some hurdles in the beginning. Founders struggled a lot to meet the legal requirements and get all the necessary certifications. Luckily, the troubles are over and buah fruits are up for grabs on the shelves.

In the future, the startup intends to follow its vision “Fruits, always & everywhere” with products placed all over the snack shelves of retail chains with a high brand recognition Europe-wide. In order to achieve their goals, the team of buah wants to expand their fruity product range every year. Watch this space!

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