Doerrwerk: crispy snacks made of saved fruits and vegetables

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Dörrwerk Team
Philipp Prechtner: Founder & CEO
Jonas Bieber: Product Development
Stefan Prechtner: Sales & Distribution
Carolin Sasse: Office Management
Richard Palm: Quality Management
Peter Hunger: Production

For the appreciation of "ugly" food that cannot enter the market. Dörrwerk counteracts food waste with snacks. 100% natural.

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In Germany alone, more than 1,5 million tons of food end up at the dump. Half of it is fruit and vegetables. The Berlin-based start-up Dörrwerk steps in to counteract the massive waste and saves fruits and vegetables which cannot be traded anymore due to slight aesthetic flaws. In the Berlin-based snack manufactory, the survivor fruits are processed with a lot of time, manual work and completely free of additives to the delicious dried snacks. These are bought directly from the farmers or wholesalers at fair prices.

The innovative idea for this kind of start-up was born from the thought of how to make the world as well as our eating habits more contemporary and sustainable. In our consumer society, the true value of food is lost, which Dörrwerk intends to restore with its concept.
This fact truly differentiates the start-up from the common competition and thus avoids price war.

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According to the start-up’s experiences, the biggest challenge so far was to build up an own production line for a completely new and innovative product: the fruit paper. In the upcoming years, the start-up wants to reach further and intends to expand their sustainability commitments and by doing so, set up a fund which invests into projects against food waste.

The many awards, including e.g. “Too good for the ton”, that the start-up has received so far speak only for this development. Furthermore, the product of the Berlin start-up was listed at Eurowings in cooperation with us. We are excited and look forward to further achievements!

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