Gastronomy First Launch Event Recap: Q&A with all speakers

    In a very dynamic food innovation environment, many corporates and startups are wondering with which strategy they can best bring their brand and product to market.

    The food innovation consultancy NX Food has combined years of experience in accompanying market entries with various interviews with companies, restaurateurs and experts and summarized their findings in a whitepaper: "Gastronomy First - 5 Reasons to launch Food innovations with culinary experts". This includes case studies on Oatly and Impossible Foods, the 5 reasons why entering via the gastronomy is beneficial, and a 6 step guide to develop your own "Gastronomy First" strategy.

    To celebrate the launch of the whitepaper we concluded an online event with top industry experts to discuss the gastronomy first aproach. The recap of the event can be found in the above video.

    To download the whitepaper, follow this link:

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    Sonalie Figueiras (sonalie-figuares.jpg)

    Sonalie Figueiras
    Founder and Editor-in-Chief Green Queen Media

    Adam Penney (adam-penney.jpg)

    Adam Penney
    Group Executive Chef Three Buns

    Ynyr Jones (ynyr-jones.jpg)

    Ynyr Jones
    Sales Manager Classic Fine Foods

    Andre Menezes (andre-menezes_ngf_li.jpg)

    Andre Menezes
    co-founder and COO Next Gen Foods

    Frank (frank-anders.jpg)

    Frank Anders
    Head of strategy NX-Food

    Questions and time marks

    00:15: Sonalie, what role does your platform and your role as an ecosystem facilitator mean for Gastronomy First and the acceleration of plant-based and alternative products in the market?

    02:35: Sonalie, if the big brands have already taken the main narratives, what is the best way forward for the next generation of brands?

    04:11: Andre, what tools do you use for your go-to-market and what role does the gastronomy play in this context?

    05:22: Andre, could you provide us with a little insight on how you find the right partners and convince them to work with you?

    07:53: Ynyr, could you share insights about how restaurants turned from being skeptical towards plant-based to now being supportive?

    08:46: Ynyr, how has the listing of light house products impacted the positioning of Classic Fine Foods on the market?

    09:25: Adam, how high is your non-meat share?

    09:49: Adam, how many alternative brands can you handle?

    10:01: Frank, can the Gastronomy First approach be used for every product or brand?

    11:15: Frank, How do you scale in Food Service?

    11:43: Adam, how do you feel that the products are sold in retail as well?

    12:06: Ynyr, how is hotel fine dining accepting alternative proteins?

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