Kriket: A high-protein crunchy mix of nuts, cereals, seeds and crickets from Brussels

  • Kriket A high-protein crunchy mix of nuts, cereals, seeds and crickets from Brussels (20190220-product_shoot-0064-2.jpg)

For the perfect crunch: the first cricket bar from Belgium that provides you with sustainable insect protein, powerful nutrients and just 146 calories.

Two founders of Kriket are on a mission: to create a smart snack for a large audience. Kriket is made of roasted nuts, different kinds of cereals and seeds for your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. So far everything sounds quite normal, you think, until it comes to the secret ingredient — cricket flour, a truly unique and extremely sustainable protein source produced at a circular cricket farm in the heart of Brussels.

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Kriket Team
Michiel Van Meervenne: Founder
Anneleen Van Meervenne: Co-founder

Crickets, or insects in general, is an unusual and even exotic source of protein for the European food market. People in Asia, Africa and Latin America, however, are eating them regularly. Typical for insect-based products nutty flavour is a perfect fit to various mixes of nuts, seeds and cereals used in the broad assortment of Kriket bars.

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The idea for the alternative bar arose from the need of changing our food system because it is absolutely ready for this, two innovators say. As our population keeps growing, protein sources are becoming scarcer. Yet, there is an untapped culinary potential of over 2000 edible insects on this earth. Crickets, in particular, have numerous advantages: they can be grown quickly, require only a very small surface and are extremely efficient in converting feed into body mass.

The startup was born out of a crowdfunding campaign to finance the first batch of the innovative bars. Through the collaboration with the University of Ghent, the startup was able to scale up the production process as well as the distribution.

For a food company to grow, you have to find the right sales channels. We at NX-Food are very proud to have Kriket as part of our Startup Shelf program and offer this future-oriented and sustainable newcomer on board of Eurowings flights from May to October 2019.

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In the upcoming five years, Kriket founders want to create the leading insect-based consumer brand in Europe and therefore intend to develop a broader range of top-notch products boosting the local food system.

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