Lycka: organic, tasty food combined with social commitment

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Lycka Team
Felix Leonhardt: Owner & Managing Director
Daniel Schmidt: Owner & Managing Director
Niklas Etmans: Owner & Head of Business Development
Anton Kersten: Owner & Head of Sales
Jana Horstmann: Owner & Head of Product

Food for the mind. Taste for the heart. And every product sold enables a school meal for a child in Burundi, Africa.

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The word “Lycka” derives from Swedish and means exactly what the start-up from Hamburg, Germany, wants to provide with its products: Happiness. The products of Lycka “taste good and do good”. Not only for the consumer himself but also for a child in Burundi who is served a lunch with every sold product of Lycka. In this way, the start-up enabled over 1,6 Mio school lunches and supported over 1500 children to go to school until today.

Thus, the start-up’s business model combines social commitment and good tasting, organic food. The idea for that was born while travelling through third-world-countries and experiencing the lack of opportunity and education for very warmhearted people. At the same time, the start-up was of the opinion that too many dishonest products dominate the supermarket shelves, which contain a lot of hidden sugars and unnecessary additives. So they launched their first product, the Lycka ice cream, that was 100% natural, plant-based and contained only one third of the calories of regular ice cream.

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Since starting off, the product range enlarged with many more products – only recently with the latest Lycka fair trade cold-brewed coffee. This type of coffee is served cold and comes with two ingredients at most: coffee and a hint of coconut blossom sugar. Who likes to drink his coffee with milk, doesn’t miss out either. There is also a rice milk alternative for all the vegans out there! The coffee is brewed for 24 hours in cold water and is then carefully filtered, which keeps it lower in acid than hot coffee and makes it easily digestible for the stomach. We at NX-Food are very proud to be able to present this little stimulant on Eurowings flights from February to April 2019 – in this way, the drink is within reach for many passengers who want to enjoy good coffee on a flight that takes them straight to the next meeting.

For the future of Lycka, the young team, consisting of Felix, Daniel, Niklas, Anton und Jana, is motivated to create further product lines to strengthen their unique social commitment, as well as to promote a healthier, organic and good tasting product selection in the supermarkets.

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