New on the Startup Shelf: Meet the 5th batch of food & beverage startups at METRO Austria

  • New on the Startup Shelf Meet the 5th batch of food & beverage startups at METRO Austria (nx-food_okt19-1.jpg)

Market entry made easy!

In 2017, NX-Food created Startup Shelf to let promising food & beverage startups test their products in METRO stores in Germany and Austria as well as in German retail chain Real and collect feedback from real customers.

In February 2018, we have introduced the program in Austria. Since then, over 20 startups have participated in the program and five products got a permanent listing in all the METRO Austria stores.

Meet our 5th batch of startups whose products are available on the shelves at Vösendorf, St. Pölten, Dornbirn, Linz, Graz and Salzburg as of September 2019.

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Pino's aperitifs

The story of Pino's started with Carmen and Neda who share a passion for Italian aperitif culture and appreciate convenience. One day, two friends decided to create an aperitif of their own and started collecting traditional recipes as well as bartenders' tricks and looking for sustainable ingredients.

After months of testing, selecting, experimenting, tasting and cooperating with renowned Austrian winegrowers, partners finally came up with a drink that embodied the lightness of the aperitif culture in the best possible way.

Today, Pino's offers a line of pre-mixed sparkling aperitifs made of high quality wines and specially developed liqueurs and citrus juices. Three flavours — Sprizz, Lime and Bitter — work just fine with three matching snacks — nuts, crostini and olives that are also produced by Pino's.

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Genusskoarl — Wiener Würze

Soy sauce without soy? Almost! Austrian startup Genusskoarl created a vegan umami sauce with just four organic ingredients: lupins, oats, salt and water. A universal solution for everyone looking for balanced taste in every meal, Wiener Würze works well with soups, sauces, dressings an marinades, as well as pies and the Sunday roast.

An award-winning product from Austria now available in Germany!

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  • Gewara (nx-food_okt19-5.jpg)

GEWARA lemonades

Taste the world with GEWARA, a new lemonade based on authentic recipes from the most beautiful regions of our planet. The startup founders came across centuries-old recipes during their adventures on the remote islands and decided to bring these forgotten treasures to Europe. Moringa, kola nut, guava, coconut, turmeric, tamarind, maca, ginseng and many more natural plant extracts share their exotic flavor with GEWARA beverages.

It all started with Cuba — GEWARA Superfood Cola, inspired by a traditional Cuban mix of moringa and kola nut. The next two chapters of GEWARA adventure trip take us to the dream islands of Bali with turmeric and tamarind flavor inspired by the Indonesian Jamu herbal healing culture and to Hawaii with aromatic coconut & guava lemonade.

No matter where you are, at your office desk, or on a couch in front of a TV, GEWARA Adventure Company takes you on a culinary and cultural journey around the world.

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ROST sparkling rosé

ROST is a sparkling rosé with a splash of apple, a ready-made rosé spritz suitable for any occasion.

Be it a new job, upcoming vacation, missed chance or a long-awaited Friday night — a refreshing fruity flavor in a stylish minimalistic bottle makes ROST a perfect drink to celebrate the special moments in your life.

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