Noveltea: combining the global fascination for tea with the global fascination for spirits

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NOVELTEA (11%) disrupts the alcoholic beverage industry by introducing a distinctive product portfolio around the concept of tea — the most consumed beverage in the world, after water.

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Noveltea Team
Vincent — Co-founder & CEO
Lukas — Co-founder & CEO

What emerged as an idea to please the British palate has blossomed into much more. Drawing on their travel experiences from Morocco to the Far East and an abundance of places in between, co-founders of Tea Venture Limited Vincent and Lukas took some of the world’s finest ingredients to produce refreshing, satisfying and unique tea fusions.

NOVELTEA complements the finest loose tea with premium alcohol creating exceptionally flavoursome blends. So far, the brand has introduced three flavors: British Gin with Earl Grey, Scotch Whiskey with Oolong Tea and Green Mint Tea with Caribbean Rum.

As the first cold-brewed alcoholic tea, NOVELTEA was named Europe’s Most Innovative Food & Beverage Product 2018 at Sial Shanghai Innovation Award.

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Of course, no startup gets off without some initial difficulties. In this case, the challenge was to establish a new product category on the market. How do you communicate and impress the consumers with a concept of alcoholic tea which they've never tried before?

The startup invested heavily into marketing efforts and decorated every bottle with tag hangers informing the customer about the product team as well as sharing travel stories that served as an inspiration.

In a few years, NOVELTEA creators aim to become the market leader for alcoholic tea blends. The Tea Venture Limited team of five works hard to achieve this goal. There’s no time for “abwarten und Tee trinken” (wait and wonder) as a German saying goes.

Keep it going, guys — you’ve convinced us already!

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