Personalized Nutrition Whitepaper: Finding the right Business Model to overcome the Valley of Death

  • Personalized Nutrition Whitepaper Finding the right Business Model to overcome the Valley of Death (pn-and-the-valley-of-death.jpg)

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1 - Key Insights
2 - Introduction
3 - Understanding Personalized Nutrition from the Ground Up
4 - The Valley of Death
5 - Solutions and Opportunities: Finding the Business Models that Work
6 - The Future of Personalized Nutrition
7 - Conclusion
8 - Sources

Why is Personalized Nutrition important?

We live in an unprecedented age where both consumers and businesses have access to more information and data about their nutrition than ever before. On one end, consumers have apps to find a product’s nutrition information and nutritional score, to track calories, and to monitor their health. Consumers are generally more knowledgeable about what they eat and drink, possibly more than any other time in human history. On the other end, businesses can gather far more data about consumer behaviors and choices, giving them sharper insights into consumers’ interests, preferences, beliefs and desires.

Consumers are also faced with far more food options than ever before. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, carb-free, ketogenic, etc.—they are looking for ways to match their diet to their lifestyles and values. As a result, food is becoming more personalized.

There is a huge potential.

For at least the past two years, CPG brands have been diving into Personalized Nutrition (PN) as a way to deliver more individualized products to customers. Now a movement more than a trend, the Personalized Nutrition industry topped $8.1 billion in 2020 and should more than double to $19.7 billion by 2027 (CB Insights 2021). Some analysts project the PN industry to reach more than $64 billion by 2040 (UBS 2020). Such a large variance in market valuation speaks as much to the nascent potential of PN as it does to the fact that delivering personalized food products on a mass scale presents a significant challenge for brands and manufacturers.

No single firm seems to have a truly holistic approach to the PN market yet, where PN concepts include all the complex steps of the value chain, moving beyond niche supplements and reaching a mass market. This suggests that attempts at innovation in Personalized Nutrition have reached the “Valley of Death.” meaning they have failed to develop a business model for personalized food products that will sustainably generate revenue throughout the entire customer journey. To successfully capitalize on this shift in consumer demand, it’s important to understand some of the factors that have prevented the PN market from reaching its full potential to date. It also requires an innovative business strategy to overcome the challenge.

This whitepaper explores both the underlying drivers of the Personalized Nutrition movement as well as some business models that we believe will help brands pass the Valley of Death and move PN from niche to mass market.

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