Rost: rosé wine with a splash of apple

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ROST is the new Rosé - Spritz! Just Rosé-Wine with a splash of apple. Nothing else added. 100% Styrian.

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Liza Brandstaetter - Founder

Please introduce yourself. What does your startup do?

ROST is the perfect drink to celebrate moments, no matter if there is a special occasion or simply a desire to celebrate life. The trend of consuming rosé wine is a thing for a broad range of people and with its design in a super stylish, yet minimalistic bottle, ROST catches all eyes.

It is a perfect alternative to any spritz, aperitif and even beer without the artificial added sweetness and therefore your new #1 drink all year round.

How did you come up with the idea and concept? What inspired and motivated you to create this product?

I've been excited about high quality food and drinks since I was young. This motivated me to create ROST, an innovation the world has never seen and tasted before.

It is an unbelievable feeling to have an own product in your hands. This along with the positive customer feedback is the only thing that counts at the end of the day and supports my passion and excitement for ROST.

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What is unique about your business idea and operating model?

The special thing about ROST is, as mentioned above, the composition of the ingredients. There are so many different aromas married in one bottle. Instead of launching another "alcopops", I created a premium product so people could identify themselves with ROST. Also, we created an emotional brand communication strategy for Instagram and and Facebook.

What were the most significant difficulties you had to overcome while building your startup?

One of the biggest difficulties was to find out how weird it is for some people that drinks can be created specifically for women. I guess the food and beverage industry is currently still one of the most men-dominated areas. Also, I guess I am stepping out of my comfort zone (nearly) 24/7 but never ever regret one second of it :)

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Where do you see yourself and your company in 5 years?

My dream would be to establish ROST as a powerful brand. People won’t ask anymore "what kind of drink it is“ — they will go to their bars, restaurants, shops, etc. to order ROST. A reason to celebrate? Let’s order ROST at my favorite bar. Somebody is hosting a birthday party? Let’s grab some ROST at my local store.

What are your expectations from the NX-Food Startup Shelf Program?

First of all: I am more than excited to get a listing at METRO Germany. As I am from Austria, I could not be more blessed to get an opportunity to reach even more people. Also, METRO stands for quality and innovation, that’s exactly what I want to express with creating ROST since day one.

I would love ROST to get listed at even more bars and restaurant in German. I guess, NX-Food Startup Shelf Program could be a life-(and market)-changing opportunity for ROST.

What are your main milestones and achievements?

  • 25.000 + sold ROST bottles within the first 10 months
  • A TV commercial with an audience of nearly 1 million people
  • An own pop-up store for four weeks before Christmas 2018
  • Launch of a second product (FROST) — a long drink version featuring ROST, gin and ginger ale
  • Listing at 100+ REWE group stores in Austria just 6 months after launching ROST

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