New on the Startup Shelf: Meet the 7th batch of food & beverage startups at METRO Germany

  • New on the Startup Shelf Meet the 7th batch of food & beverage startups at METRO Germany (20190816_startup_regal_welle_7-0613.jpg)

Market entry made easy!

In 2017, NX-Food created Startup Shelf to let promising food & beverage startups test their products in METRO stores in Germany and Austria as well as in German retail chain Real and collect feedback from real customers.

Since then, more than 60 startups participated in the program and benefited from our expertise in marketing, sales and business development. Some of the products, among them reusable glass straws by HALM and non-alcoholic beer brand Uwe, have demonstrated outstanding performance and are now listed in every German METRO.

Meet our 7th batch of startups whose products are available on the shelves at Berlin Friedrichshain, Hamburg-Altona, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart-Korntal and Munich Pasing METRO stores as of August 15th.

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Flash by INJU

In the world where we have to optimize our performance and face complex challenges on a daily basis, superfunctional food products and drinks are a must. FLASH from Berlin-based startup INJU cheers up without caffeine. A flavoursome sparkling mix of passion fruit, lemon, grapefruit with a spicy note of ginger, turmeric and pepper enhances your brain performance, reduces fatigue and protects the cells in your body from oxidative stress.

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Genusskoarl — Wiener Würze

Soy sauce without soy? Almost! Austrian startup Genusskoarl created a vegan umami sauce with just four organic ingredients: lupins, oats, salt and water. A universal solution for everyone looking for balanced taste in every meal, Wiener Würze works well with soups, sauces, dressings an marinades, as well as pies and the Sunday roast.

An award-winning product from Austria now available in Germany!

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Madmonk Cold Brew Coffee Lemonade

Cold brew coffee was yesterday. Meet Madmonk, your wake-up lemonade with two shots of espresso and refreshing lemon tonic. Founders of Madmonk Felix and Patrick are seriously committed to fighting against artificial energy drinks. They rely on natural caffeine and refrain from synthetic additives like taurine or sugar.

While most of the energy drinks taste like gummy bear juice, Madmonk stands out with its strong coffee flavour. In the mornings it cheers you up for a productive day, in the evenings works as an awesome addition to cocktails with Rum, Jägermeister or Campari.

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SMOKECRAFT has refined the cold smoking process. The founders produce their own hardfood or fruitwood chips, burn them slowly to capture essential oils and resins and then mix them with triple-filtered Sommerweizen (summer wheat) vodka. As a result, we get an underlying note of smoke combined with a savory wheat note in our glass.

Smooth, aromatic vodka with hints of cardamom, pepper, and lavender should be enjoyed at room temperature. is perfect for a highball, with tonic, or as a simple smoky body and base for cocktails. It can replace whiskey in earthy and smoky drinks and subtly emphasize every ingredient in delicate recipes.

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