Our ecosystem: built to enable the future of food.

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Research and Development

The first steps are always the hardest. The scientific partners in our network specializing in research and development support you right from the beginning.


The search for the right manufacturers can be very arduous once your product enjoys greater demand. Our production partners will assist you here.

Supply Chain and Fulfillment

Early-stage companies bring new, innovative and sustainable products to the market that have to be reach the shelves. One key element that our partner can help you with is how your products find their way to the stores.


This is possibly the most interesting part when it comes to addressing customers – you need to create a stunning first impression. Of course, the design of your packaging is part of our support. Organic, sustainable – simply aligned with contemporary issues.


The most valuable assets of a successful company are its employees. But it is still often a challenge for young companies to find skilled personnel. We assist in finding the right people and support startups on their way to the top.


Getting customer access is most crucial for any business but espacialy for startups. Slow listing processes, listing fees and other obsticles can be a challenge for an emergent brand. Our various distribution partner in our ecosystem support startups with fast & easy market access.

Brand Marketing and Storytelling

We know that every startup product is a matter of the heart. It is therefore important to us to communicate the product and founder´s story straight to the customer. We are the evangelists – promoting the future of food with all our NX-Food social media channels, blog and METRO channels.

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Get in touch if you want to collaborate and become a partner in the NX-Food ecosystem!

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Do you have a challenge and are not sure how to tackle it?

Our corporate services

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