Entering a vegan world: Veganfach 2018

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Veganism is on the rise. More and more people are choosing to take the vegan path — not only for health benefits but also for environmental reasons.

Many think that going vegan also means taking hurdles: The costs are still too high and the variety is unsatisfactory. False! Nowadays this is no longer the case. In fact, the amount of vegan products constantly increases, which simplifies the transition to the lifestyle of tomorrow.

Moreover, the vegan world is open to anyone who wants to try something new and welcomes vegans as well as omnivores to find what their stomach desires.

From 2nd to 3rd of November, the Cologne trade fair opened its doors again to bring us closer to the latest food innovations of modern vegan lifestyle. For the third time, veganfach hosted a wide range of exhibitors: 120 in total, coming from thirteen different countries. More than 7,400 trade visitors and consumers seized the opportunity to see and, of course, taste the vegan products.

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    Photo: Karolin Schütz

These numbers make veganfach the central vegan trade fair in Europe. Whether waffles, hemp drinks, ice cream, scrambled eggs, lentil pasta or the new Asian flood of tempeh and jackfruit — on a vegan mission, we followed our passion and let ourselves be seduced by the new delicacies. In this article, you will find some of the products that impressed us the most.

1. PUR Bio Feinkost Manufaktur: Pulled Jackfruit "BBQ-Style"

If you want to live out your meat lust, you can easily do so with this unique fruit flesh phenomena. To be honest, jackfruit is not an innovation and is widely known among vegetarians for its fleshy consistency. However, it seems difficult for people with little experience to get an idea of how to cook an unprocessed fruit.

This jackfruit, purchased from Jacky F. and cooked by PUR Bio Feinkost Manufaktur, is finely plucked, advertised as "pulled", which is obviously indicative of "pulled pork", seasoned with a variety of spices and onions and pickled in a vegan barbecue sauce made of tomato paste, sunflower oil and agave nectar.

It can be prepared in a matter of minutes and serves as a great example of convenience food which becomes increasingly important in a world, where everything revolves around efficiency. These concise arguments and in particular magic taste helped pulled jackfruit become one of our veganfach highlights.

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    Photo: Karolin Schütz

2. Orgran Natural Foods: Vegan Easy Egg

There have been numerous attempts in the past to bring vegan eggs to our tables but these replacement products never became part of our daily breakfast rituals. At veganfach, we came across Vegan Easy Egg by Orgran Natural Foods and possibly discovered the future of breakfast.

The Australian brand revolutionized the "free-from" market with a new product that looks and tastes like a chicken egg yet is 100% vegan.

At the fair, the yellow mass with chickpea and maize flour in it was first stirred, then browned and scrambled in the pan in front of us. To our enthusiasm, this completely plant-based mass turned into a consistency similar to a normal scrambled egg by look and taste.

One package contains 250g which equals fifteen eggs. Vegan Easy Egg is free from cholesterol and very low in fat. Anyone who was dreaming of vegan omelette or frittata can start celebrating while fried egg lovers will have to wait a little longer for a vegan revolution.

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    Photo: Karolin Schütz

3. Fattoria della Mandorla: Mandorella

"I just can't do without cheese." It is a common statement that often represents the insurmountable last step which keeps people from the vegan lifestyle. Cheese really separates the masses, but at veganfach, we found the saving salvation that satisfies our cheese craving in a vegan way. Mandorella is a vegan cream cheese, made of 100% organic almond milk.

It can be used as a spread for bread and sandwiches and as a sauce for pasta or desserts. Mandorella comes in five different flavours: natural, chives, tomato, turmeric and cabbage. So, dear cheese lovers, do you have any excuses left?

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    Photo: Karolin Schütz

4. GreenNest: Bio Lupine Tempe

Tempeh is often associated with its more famous brother tofu: it's the tofu al dente if you want or the firm to the bite version of fermented soybeans, originally from Indonesia. As soy harms our body with its phytohormone load, the trend is moving into new directions.

GreenNest from the Czech Republic created their "tempe" of bio lupine, a plant that grows in Europe and belongs to the same family as peas and peanuts. Advertised as "fermented superfood", it is rich in protein and has a very high value of vitamin B12.

You can choose between natural, marinated, naturally baked or á la bacon flavours.  So, if you want to become a member of Team Tempeh — get yourself a package from GreenNest and welcome aboard!

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