Valentine's Day: Five sweet NX-FOOD Start-up products that you can gift your loved ones

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If you haven't had a chance to think of a Valentine's Day gift yet, something sweet is always a great option.

We at NX-FOOD have looked through our shelves and picked five products that will melt the heart of your loved ones.

BiteBox – Karamello Mandello

BiteBox is a start-up from Hamburg, Germany that declares war on unhealthy snacks and replaces them with healthy yet tasty nibbles.

Besides many other bite-sized treats, BiteBox offers caramel-coated almonds with a pinch of sea salt called Karamello Mandello. Packed in a small box (you won’t overeat!), the tiny bites serve as little after-lunch highlights that leave no traces on your fingers – just a slightly sweetish, slightly salty taste in your mouth. Undoubtedly, a great companion to a glass of sparkling wine on a romantic evening.

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Daflee Food – Feel Fruity

Fruits and chocolate – has there ever been a more successful combination? Now, the German start-up Daflee Food enriched the market with Feel Fruity – whole freeze-dried berries covered with chocolate made from fair trade certified cocoa which guarantees an intense taste.

The pairings vary from sour cherry in dark chocolate to raspberry in milk chocolate to make sure every taste is met. We suggest you get at least a couple of boxes as one is too little to share (yes, we tested it in the office).

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Crema de Café

Who loves coffee? To all the enthusiasts out there: The start-up Crema de Café from Berlin, Germany, invented the coffee-flavoured spread that has the potential to take Nutella’s space on the shelves.

According to the start-up founder Juli, she always wondered why the chocolate spreads have to be so sweet. Everything changed when a clumsy friend of hers spilt coffee all over Juli’s bread slice with nougat cream. The combination turned out delicious and motivated Juli to create an alternative breakfast product.

The bitter-sweet cocoa-based spread with coffee flavour only contains 0,04% of caffeine, so you don’t have to cut on your regular espresso consumption throughout the day. The cocoa, as well as the palm oil, are sustainably grown and produced. As a little tip from us: Crema de Café is also excellent for cakes, waffles and breakfast dates!

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Chocolate is about the moments in life when you turn off your head and turn on your heart. MyChoco not only makes you and your loved ones happy but also assists in social projects and development aid: When you buy one bar of MyChoco chocolate, you support the MYC aid project that takes care of people in Tanzania.

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Seven different flavours of 100% Belgian chocolate include cranberry and almond, caramel and sea salt, cookie crunch, popcorn, hazelnut, dark and milk chocolate. As a bonus, you will find our a possible item for your bucket list on every chocolate bar. This is how MyChoco reminds you of the little moments in life that are often forgotten and makes you smile.


HaselHerz uses the oldest type of nut in Europe — hazelnut — to produce numerous delicious treats. Instead of palm oil or industrial sugar, HaselHerz sweetens their vegan chocolate bars and hazelnut spread with coconut blossom sugar. It belongs to the low-glycemic sweeteners and is, therefore, a very healthy alternative.

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The nuts for Haselherz come from Turkey – more exactly, from the Black Sea region. A true gourmet nut, we’d say.

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