Granacuja: A fruity alternative to bitter aperitives

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Spicy Planet Team
Dennis F.: Co-founder & CEO
Yannik T.: Co-founder & CEO

Granacuja is a passion fruit and pomegranate aperitive that brings summer into your glass.

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Finally. The temperatures rise gradually and we all long for warm summer nights which we want to spend outside with friends. And a refreshing, fruity drink in our hands is essential, too. Luckily, there are Dennis and Yannik, the two founders of Spicy Planet – a start-up from Bonn, Germany. Their innovative instincts brought us a flavored appetizer drink which is fruity instead of a bitter liqueur. One that perfectly rounds off our warm evenings.

The founders themselves used to work as bartenders during their studies which led to many creative experiments with drinks and flavors. That’s when the idea of Granacuja, a pomegranate and passion fruit liqueur, was born – to serve as a fruity alternative to world-famous Aperol Spritz or Ramazotti.

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Although the market lacks fruity alternatives, according to the two innovators, the most difficult thing was to create a competitive drink that tasted good and at the same time convinced in price and design.

For the future, the young startup wishes for more, numerous listings in retail stores as well as to be served in many bars and restaurants to build up a real and overall-known brand.

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