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What does NX-Food stand for?

NX-Food stands for Next Generation Food and is a hub of METRO for new food solutions that address customer demands and future trends as well as contribute to a better food system.

The range of NX-Food topics covers food waste and its reduction, vertical farming as well as sustainable new food concepts and innovative products for hospitality and end consumers.

Program Description

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When was the program launched?

In April 2017, the Startup Shelf program was launched as a pilot in the Real store in Berlin Lichtenberg. In October 2017, it was introduced in three more METRO stores and another Real store in Germany. In February 2018, NX-Food Startup Shelves appeared in three METRO stores in Austria and a couple of new locations in Germany.

At the moment, NX-Food Startup Shelves are available in over 10 METRO and Real stores in Germany and Austria. The locations were selected based on a good geographic coverage and relevant customer groups for the new startup products.

What is the motivation behind the programme?

Companies around the world are adapting to the food industry that undergoes significant changes. Modern food industry has to deal with changing consumer preferences and constantly growing population that needs sustainable nutritious food.

Access to food, stability in the global value chain, food waste reduction and improved nutrition are important pillars for the future of food. We think that innovations discovered through this programme can help solving these problems.

Startup Shelf programme aims to point out sustainable and innovative food solutions and products and to make these innovations available to METRO customers, to further grow and educate active startup community and to promote their products to the broader audience.

Startup Shelf connects METRO customers with startups, which already offer marketable products but have not been able to test them in a market environment yet.

Which problems does this program solve?

NX-Food should set an example for sustainable and innovative solutions and products in the food supply sector.

  • Innovations - What will we eat in the future?
  • From cultivation to food waste reduction - how can Next Generation Food improve the food system?
  • Demonstrating economic opportunities for restaurant owners - How can the hospitality industry differentiate itself from the competition through new food concepts?

Which startups are we looking for?

We are looking for food & beverage startups that offer innovative products in the following areas (not limited to):

  • New Food Solutions
  • Next-Generation Food & Beverage

How do the startups apply?

Just fill out the form which requests all necessary information. You can see all the questions here

How many startups get selected per batch?

There are usually up to four startups selected to participate in the Startup Shelf program for each distribution channel.

Who selects the startups for the program?

For each channel partner (METRO Germany, METRO Austria, real,- & Eurowings) there is its own jury. It consists of representatives from Category Management, Quality Assurance, Store Manager, Business Development, Marketing and NX-Food.

Can one product get listed in all the participating stores?

If the product has a broad target audience, it can get listed in Real, METRO Germany and Austria and Eurowings within the same batch or increase its presence after successful 3-month trial in one distribution channel.

When are the winners announced?

The winners are announced one month before the start of the next batch. The official announcement takes place with the start of the new batch. We will announce the winners via our social media channels and our journal.

Is the programme paid?

No. There are no costs associated with participating in the programme.

Are there any mandatory activities? How many resources and how much time will the startups need?

It is recommended, that startups conduct regular in-store tasting events during the time of the test-listing. This gives them a chance to directly present their product to the customer and receive valuable feedback on the spot and boost the sales of the products.

What happens after the test listing? Is further collaboration possible?

The purpose of the test listing is to find out, if there is enough demand potential for a listing in the permanent assortment and the further rollout of the product. Even when we do not proceed with the startups, we stay in contact. We keep iterating and improving the product based on feedback which was received.

NX-FOOD and Eurowings

On how many flights and in which countries will the selected products be available?

NX-FOOD startups selected for Eurowings trial will have an access to more than 2.000.000 passengers on around 20.000 of Eurowings flights within over 50 countries every month.

If you have any more questions regarding the program that we did not cover here, feel free to get in touch!

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