Madmonk: A cold brew coffee lemonade

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Madmonk = wake up differently. Innovative drink without frills. Striking look, high caffeine content.

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Madmonk Team:
Felix Körner, CEO, Marketing
Patrick Zimmermann, CEO, Sales and Distribution, Finances
Sarah Steffens, Sales, Events

Please introduce yourselves: What does your startup do?

We are Felix and Patrick, founders of Madmonk. We are committed to fighting against artificial energy drinks. We rely on natural taste, high caffeine content and refrain from synthetic additives such as taurine or B12.

In addition, our cold brew coffee lemonade has less sugar and a unique, refreshing taste. Sparkling coffee instead of gummy bear juice.

How did you come up with an idea and concept? What inspired and motivated you to create this product?

Every now and then, energy drinks were distributed on our campus. Whenever we tried them we were disappointed with artificial taste and sweetness. We thought there has to be a better option.

Since we both loved coffee and discovered the benefits of cold brew coffee more or less simultaneously, we got together and started developing a product.

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What is unique about your business idea and operating model?

Our mix of refreshing lemonade and cold brew coffee gets a lot of positive feedback. We dared to create a product with a strong coffee flavour and high caffeine content. The latter allows us to confidently land on the "Energy" shelf.

Thanks to our colourful and attractive design, customers don't even notice that we are not a typical energy drink.

What were the most significant difficulties you had to overcome while building your startup?

There are always new challenges as we are constantly evolving. It started with choosing the right bottling company: we needed to strike the right balance between personal trust and detailed requirements outlined in contracts.

A refreshing drink with real coffee is quite challenging in production. Prior to entering the market, we had to clarify a lot of legal questions which was something we did not expect. We were lucky enough to get support on every step of the way.

Our angel investor contributed the most to our success and helped us to become more productive and professional.

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Where do you see yourselves and your company in 5 years?

We want Madmonk to be associated with positive energy and fun. Among other things, we are planning to support social projects. And above all, we want to provide people with good caffeine and new flavors.

We remain close to customers and gladly take feedback from our growing international community.

What are your expectations from the NX-Food Startup Shelf Program?

We look forward to receiving professional feedback, accessing a cool marketing platform and, of course, selling many products.

Best Case: A long-term partnership with METRO and better access to the restaurant industry.

What are your main milestones and achievements?

  • The bottling of our first batch and the subsequent product launch in February 2019
  • Rapid growth of Madmonk brand
  • Feedback from REWE Headquarters: "Best Cold Brew on the Market"

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