Pete & Phil's: Bottled liquid meal based on meat and vegetables

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Like fresh from the butcher. Quality meat and vegetables to drink - on the go. The new energy snack for every occasion.

Pete & Phil's Team
Peter Klassen: CEO
Philipp Klassen: Production Manager
Stefan Kimmel: Head of Development and Distribution

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Meat and vegetables are combined to a premium liquid meat-snack, that you can enjoy on the go, at work, right before your sports activity or cooked at home as a warm meal. The young start-up of Pete & Phil's was convinced of the innovative idea to create a practical, low-carb meat-snack, as it was still missing on the market. Thus, it is a product with a long shelf life when uncooled. The development of the bottled meal took the team three years. Since 2018, three products were launched on the market: Poulet Royal, Beef Bombay and Butcher's Beef. The varieties differ in their spice mixtures, which provide the special aroma.

Regarding its function and exceptional composition, the product complements the market and represents a healthier meat alternative to fast food, which people often reach for when on the run. It also works as a delicious sauce substitute, when ingredients such as pasta or cheese are added. As this emphasizes the uniqueness of the product, the start-up has no competition yet.

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To produce this one of a kind meat drink, the most significant difficulty was to develop the meal's compostion without using chemicals, additives and flavour enhancers, according to the start-up. In five years, the team wants to have achieved a widespread distribution of its innovation so that it's always within reach of the people who need it.

Since starting off, the start-up invested 1,6 million euros and 3 years into product development. Pete & Phil's is currently available in 210 stores, around 180 000 bottles have been sold so far. 

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