The first natural drink with melatonin that helps you get a good night's sleep

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A good day starts with an even better night. is the magic potion that makes you fall asleep naturally.

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Daizu GmbH Team
Jan Frieder Damm: Co-founder & CEO
Jakob Repp: Co-founder & CEO
Malte Gützlaff: Co-founder & CEO

We all know the value of good sleep. Unfortunately, daily stress and a train of negative thoughts can wreck it completely. In the modern world, sleep-related disorders are on the rise due to overworking and constant external pressure. In the end, poor sleep affects our daily life and can lead to chronic diseases. In order to escape the vicious circle of bad sleep and exhaustion, we tend to drink sleepytime teas or take sleeping pills that don't really solve the problem.

Having observed this issue for a while, Jan, Jakob and Malte from the Berlin-based company Daizu GmbH developed a little magic potion called — the first natural sleep drink with melatonin that gives you a good night's sleep.

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Natural and highly effective are the keywords of the concept. It took the founders almost a year to create a blend out of herbs, tart cherry juice and melatonin which tastes as great as it works.

The biggest challenge on the early stage is to gain popularity. Fortunately, the product sparked media interested and got a wide coverage. In the upcoming years, the partners are going to launch more products for restful sleep, one of the ideas is a digital sleep yoga class. Can't wait to see it in action!

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