Our support for startups: food innovation from you, with our ecosystem, for everyone.

What we offer:

From idea to proof-of-concept

Culinary advisory and customer feedback. We make your products retail ready.

From proof-of-concept to proof-of-market

Access to our national distribution partner network.

Scale up

Access to our international distribution partner network.


(Re-)assessment of your brand and communication strategy.


Strategic corporate startup collaboration.

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FoodTech Meetup (foodtech-square.svg)

FoodTech Meetup

FoodTech Meetup brings food entrepreneurs and enthusiasts together with e-food and food tech companies. The goal: to build a strong network for the FoodTech start-up scene.

Future of Retail (retail-square.svg)

Future of Retail

Future of Retail is a meet-up group where ideas, experiences and innovations in retail are exchanged. The central question: What’s the next level for retail and wholesale?

Rising Spoon (rising-spoon-square.svg)

Rising Spoon

Rising Spoon is a meet-up group for restaurateurs, culinary visionaries and food enthusiasts who want to create a strong network of founders within gastronomy.

Share information, stories, ideas and contacts with food experts, foodies, restaurateurs and other innovators to shape the future of food together.

Our meetup groups
Mission (nutri-food_2.jpg)

Want to know why we are on a mission towards a better future of food? Find out!

Our mission

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